#1 Oriental Supermarket – the Ride!
October 14, 2007, 11:25 pm
Filed under: adventure, asian market

It was time for another adventure and one place I’ve been dying to take Lillie is the #1 Oriental Supermarket. This is not your average Asian market – this place is ginormous!

Not since Super 88 in Boston have I seen a market with such an impressive selection.

We quickly pushed pasted the roasted dead animals…

Lillie: “What’s THAT Daddy?”

Me: “Um…a pig?”

Lillie: “Oink oink.”

..and make our way to the heavenly produce section. I was still nervous about taking pictures in the store after the dreaded “Whole Foods Incident” so unfortunately there is only one photo.

Lillie picked out some baby Japanese eggplant, mini pickling cukes, and the world’s largest carrot. I carefully selected a sampling of one of 8 different kinds of bok choy and big bag of bean sprouts. Sadie was surprisingly quiet during the whole experience.

After the produce comes the tea aisle where we picked up some genmaicha – yummy green tea with toasted rice. The next aisle is the candy and cookie aisle and let’s just say that Lillie suddenly became much more enthusiastic.

She picked out some Hello Kitty Strawberry Pocky (of course!)

We grabbed a few more snacks in the cracker and nut aisle including a “trail” mix packed with dried whole fish! I’m going to use that for a new segment called “Will She Eat It?” Lillie is going to love that one!

We grabbed some mushroom soy sauce in sauce aisle number three. So many sauces…

By now the seafood department was filling our olfactory senses so we just made a beeline to the fishtanks.

They sell live tilapia and black sea bass along with live shrimp, crabs, lobster, etc.

I swear this one bin of cockles gives the entire store its funky aroma.

Lillie was fascinated by all the activity.

Lillie: “I love snakes!”

Me: “Those aren’t snakes. They’re live eels.”

Lillie: “No. They’re snakes.”

Maybe next time we will be brave enough to buy some fish…

like the exotic moonfish…

or the ever charming grunt fish…

or even some jelly fish heads!

We wrapped up our experience in the noodle aisle with some green tea flavored lo main. I totally forgot to pick up a bento box! Now we have to go home and cook up some grub!