May 21, 2008, 12:03 am
Filed under: family food blog, funyuns, garden, gourmet, sauter
george’s funyun sprouts

I’ve been on my back for over a week recovering from umbilical hernia surgery (no really, its more fun than it sounds!) and you would think I’d be catching up on posting the 20 or so backlogged recipes sitting in pieces on my hard drive. But, for some reason, Super Mario Galaxy and Darvocet go much better together. The family food blog will have to wait.

I finally checked my email today and was psyched to see my old pal George “Gourmet” Kurtzer has been inspired by my gardening exploits and decided to plant one of his own. When we were stationed at RAF Lakenheath in England, I always used to make fun of the fact that he loved funyuns but hated onions. I had so much to learn….

thanks for the laugh, Geo!