going bananas!
September 25, 2007, 9:51 pm
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Kopali Dried Organic Bananas

These dense nuggets of banana goodness are the perfect snack. They were handing out samples at Whole Foods and both Lillie and Sadie couldn’t get enough of them. The entire produce section smelled like a monkey’s pocket.

Unlike a crispy banana chip, these moist and chewy pieces have a powerful and intensely concentrated banana flavor. They almost tasted caramelized and reminded my taste buds of banana bread. We wolfed down the whole bag – I think next time we should try cooking with them. Maybe some chocolate chip banana cookies or a new twist on bananas foster.

Martin the monkey says “banana bites are good!”

The story behind Kopali and their organic offerings is a good one.

Here is the quote from the website: “Made from 100% organic dried bananas grown on living soil free of harmful chemicals, under the shade of fruit and rainforest trees. By enjoying this healthy and delicious snack, you support indigenous and Afro-Caribbean organic farmers and help them care for the ecosystems that support all life on our planet.”

Saving the world, one banana nugget at a time.

They have a banana vinegar that sounds too odd not to try. It is described as “exotic, sweet and tangy.” More on that later…

Bill Cosby wants his sweater back…

What do monkeys like to eat?

Lillie: (silence)

Me: What does Martin the monkey eat for breakfast?

Lillie: Yellow!

Me: (silence)

Lillie: Yellow banana food!

Me: On a plate?

Lillie: Nooooooo. In his hand!